Tuesday, April 9, 2013

Two Single Girls

Monday p.m.: weights

After work HTB and I hit the gym for a weight session.
My weight work outs have gotten much harder since we started (thanks, ActivTrax!), but I decided to go ahead and up my intensity anyway.

It's totally  normal to take pics of yourself in a gym mirror, right?
If I get weights and cardio in tonight it will be my first higher intensity weight work out.
Hopefully it doesn't make me too sore to walk!

The last few weeks I have been thinking a lot about what was going on a year ago.
March 24th was the anniversary of my first date with HTB.
March 29th was the day I moved in with my roommate last year.

Two single ladies moved in.
1 married and expecting and 1 engaged moved out!

It's been fun reminiscing about our first few weeks of dating.
And of course how he hung up on me the first time he called me too.

I might have eaten all of the banana cookies I made on Sunday already. Oops!
Good thing they are healthy!

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