Thursday, April 18, 2013

Sole Sisters & Squat Challenge

Thursday a.m.: 2 mile treadmill run, squats, abs

Thank goodness it's Thursday! This week has worn me out and Thursday means only one more day with a 4:45 a.m. wake up call!

Knowing I have a wedding dress fitting Sunday has made it easy a little easier to get out of bed each morning though! 43 days until the Big Day! #butwhoiscounting

I wasn't quite on time to the gym, so I did a shorter workout, but since tonight is a weight night at my other gym, I'm totally OK with that.

I've seen this going around quite a bit, so I figured why not?!
We'll see how long I stick to it though, I don't always have the long term motivation for these type of things.

Last night we had the second meeting for our newly formed women's group part of my running club - Sole Sisters. We met a cute little book store and cafe.
It's been fun getting to know these women not in running clothes for once!

I'm super excited to see where this group goes!

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