Friday, February 1, 2013

It's Going to be a Cold One!

We had a fabulous night at our friends house complete with a (fake) hot dog social followed by an ice cream social. 
 While we were enjoying our not dogs and ice cream a snowstorm moved in! We got about an inch very quickly. It's crazy cold and windy too - 30 mph winds and feels like -10 degrees outside.

I skipped the gym this morning, but I'll get my fill on our Friday night gym date tonight.
Yes, we are wild and crazy!

Saturday morning's forecast
I'm really looking forward to running club tomorrow in this weather!
I think I'll have to break out the hot pink coat.

It's not really a running coat, but I think negative temperatures call for it.

This might be a 2 pair of tights kind of run!

Stay warm and be careful out there!

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