Friday, February 15, 2013


Wednesday: Rest Day
Thursday: 30 minute intervals: 10 treadmill, 10 stairmill, 10 treadmill

Wednesday evening we were both a little worn out, so we made it our rest day.

Turned out it was a brilliant choice as the gym was practically empty Thursday night after work!
Thank you, Valentine's Day!

If I'm being totally honest, stairmills creep me out.

I mean, they are stairs that don't go anywhere. That's creepy.

But, I wanted a variety and everyone says they are a great workout. So I gave it a try.

My 2 stints on the treadmill totaled just over 2 miles and I think I climbed 75ish "floors".

HTB manged to sneak home between work and the gym and left me a nice surprise of wine and flowers! He is the best. I feel very lucky.
I'll spare you the pics since the entire world posted pics of flowers on every form of social media available yesterday.

Enjoy your weekend!

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