Wednesday, February 13, 2013


Tuesday p.m. workout: 5.2 mile run outside 
(total of 8.35 miles for the day!) and weights

Three workouts in one day. Why?
Because I'm crazy.
 And yes, I am the crazy person that LOVED soccer two-a-days in high school.

 Since I didn't get a long run in this weekend, I decided to do a longish one yesterday.
For the sake of time though, I split it into two runs - one in the morning and one after work.

I got 3.15 in on the treadmill yesterday morning then met my friend Kelly after work for another 5.2 miles. I am so glad we were planning to run outside - it was 51 degrees and sunny!

We did a fairly flat 5.2 loop. Nothing too crazy. It felt pretty good!

 I ran from work then went home, picked up HTB and headed to the gym for some weights!

My workout was a shoulder one, thankfully not a legs one!
I really didn't do 1015 front deltoid reps on my third set. Oops!

I can definitely feel it in my shoulders today!
I am still really liking ActivTrax. I can definitely tell I'm getting stronger on some things and the variety is really nice too.

I think I am going to attempt some variety and throw in some workouts from the Nike Training Club App - maybe substitute some of my morning workouts with that since I am not doing Insanity anymore.

I haven't tried the app yet, but I've heard great things about it from a few people, including Jen. You can read about her experience here.
I'm excited to give it a try!

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  1. Yes!!!!! Love my NTC. And just wait til I do a post about my latest discovery: yoga studio app. And three workouts in a day? You're a machine, well done!!!!