Thursday, February 21, 2013

Routine & A Giveaway!

Wednesday: weights
Thursday a.m.: 3 mile treadmill run

It was hard to get up so early this morning, but I managed to get myself to the gym with enough time for a quick 3 miles on the dreadmill. I'm glad I did it and now I won't feel so guilty indulging in a 'rita with the girls tonight!

HTB and I have settled into a pretty nice little routine over the last two months.
Some may say routine is boring, but it has helped me get my workouts in, sleep better, eat healthier and feel less stressed.

I'm pretty sure even the dogs are happier now that they have more of a routine also.
They have started playing chase every night before we are trying to go to sleep.
I'm pretty sure this isn't a coincidence that it started right after we stopped letting them sleep in bed with us.
Pugalicious hides under the bed (it's up REALLY high) then eventually ends up on top of my gym bag.

No Uggs this time though.

I think he wanted to sleep there.

He clearly did not want to sleep in any of these:

Yes, three empty beds for two dogs. #spoiledrotten

Do you like yoga? 
Interested in trying it at home or on the go?
Check out Jen's review of the Yoga Studio App and enter for a chance to win a download!

It's almost Friday! I am soooo looking forward to this weekend.
I see some much needed R&R for HTB and I!

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  1. Thanks B! Hope to see lots of your readers over at Two Itchy Feet. Have a fab weekend.