Tuesday, February 19, 2013

Weekend Review: A Day Late

Friday: weights
Saturday: cleaning and moving
Sunday: weights

We were very bees this weekend! Friday seems like ages ago and all I remember is that we still started the weekend off right with a nice weight workout.

Saturday we cleaned and moved All. Day. Long. I'm not going to lie. HTB did the hardest work i.e. moving 3 beds. We felt so accomplished by the end of the day though. What a great feeling!
Max the Cat enjoying our his "new" bed and the fact that the dogs can't get on it

We tried out a new place for dinner Saturday night- we deserved a nice treat after all that work. The Wine Guy did not disappoint. 

The wine was delicious and they serve complimentary warm pita bread with sundried tomato cream cheese. 
This was amazing
  I had a hard time deciding what to order but settled on the Margherita Flatbread pizza. It was definitely a good choice!

We brought some fabulous cannolis home for dessert and of course had to wash them down with some more wine.
More wine at home while we watched Homeland #partyanimals
Sunday was an errand/relaxing day. 
 I might have finally picked up my wedding dress!!!
We also finished season 1 of Homeland (I'd already seen it, but HTB hadn't) and started season 2! We're totally addicted.
The pug is feeling motivated for the gym...or should I say Pugs in Uggs (or fake Uggs) #puglife
 I'm feeling slightly unmotivated with the workouts lately. Maybe it's the dreariness of February? 
Hopefully I figure it out soon!

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