Monday, February 11, 2013

Weekend (And Last Week) Review

Thursday: 2.5 mile run outside
Sunday:  3 mile treadmill run & weights
Monday: 3 mile treadmill run

Somehow last week got a way from me and it's Monday already!

Quick recap from last week:
Thursday: HTB and I got out and enjoyed the 60 degree weather for quick 2.5 mile loop around the neighborhood. I was a little whiney last week and didn't feel like doing anything, so 2.5 miles was good enough in my book! I'm glad I did it, but I was also happy it was short!

Friday: No gym date night. Sadly enough, I was a little disappointed by this.
Pugalicious in his new cave bed
Saturday: Woke up with a bad headache and since a bad headache made me really sick last weekend, I didn't want to chance it with running, so I skipped running club. We ended up having such a fun day with an impromptu visit to HTB's brother's house. We had so much fun hanging out with him, his wife and their 3 adorable kids. Five hours later we finally let them have their Saturday back.

Sunday: Lots of work got done around the house! Combining households is kind of a pain, but it will be worth it! We organized the whole kitchen yesterday. The best part was that HTB started it while I was still sleeping! I think I'll keep him!

I only took one after photo, but wish I had more. It felt good to get everything cleaned out and we just have to finish moving my things over! We also attempted to teach Pugalicious Hugo how his cave bed works. See picture above.

I had to be coerced in to going to the gym Sunday evening. Not really sure why, but I just haven't felt like working out lately. HTB convinced me to go, and I am definitely glad I did.

Quick treadmill run, then a leg weight work out.

I put my big girl pants on and made it to the gym bright and not as early as I hoped this morning for another 3 miles on the treadmill.

This is the beauty of not running a marathon this spring - no long run this weekend and it doesn't matter! Even though I do feel fairly lazy because of it!

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