Thursday, January 24, 2013


Wednesday workout: Weights, 1 mile run

I was quite impressed with myself last night.
After wedding dress shopping and froyo eating date with Sarah, I headed straight for the gym.

 I got my weight workout in then jumped on the treadmill while waiting for HTB to finish his workout. I only got a mile, in but it's still a mile!

I've been doing really well with the weights, but I need to work on the running. Here is what my month has looked like so far:

I like that ActivTrax gives you this view. It makes me not feel so bad slacking on the running since there are lots of days filled in with workouts.

After the gym we came home and had the Crockpot Chicken Enchilada Soup that had been cooking all day.


Perfect after a long cold day!
There was enough for both of us to take some for lunch today and we put the rest in the freezer to reheat later (maybe this weekend?)

I think the dress has been decided on! I just have to make the official commitment of purchasing it! It takes me a while to commit to big purchases.

I'm hoping to get some cardio in tonight after dinner with friends!

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