Tuesday, January 22, 2013

In Search of Balance

Thursday workout: Weights
Weekend workout: Trying on wedding dresses (seriously, it's a workout), weights
Monday workout: Weights
Tuesday workout: 3 mile treadmill run

As evidenced by the workouts above, when I made one of my goals for 2013 "lift weights consistently", I really should have said "lift weights consistently while STILL running".

I guess balance isn't my thing. I'm more of an all or nothing type.

So this week's goal is to run 3 times and lift 3 times. Doable, right? Let's hope so.

It's a little cold out. So I ran on the treadmill this morning. There is nothing harder than getting out of a toasty warm bed at 4:45 a.m. when you know it is in the single digits outside. Except getting out of said warm bed to run outside. And yes, super tiny up by the moon, it says it feels like -7.

So, yes, I wussed out and ran on the dreadmill.

Over the weekend we had family in town. Lots of fun, lots of shenanigans, lots of wedding talk.

We watched The Words and Pitch Perfect.

I enjoyed The Words, he did not. We both had it figured out, but I still enjoyed the story. 

Pitch Perfect - accaawful or accaawesome?
I'm going with awful. I did love Fat Amy (Rebel Wilson - British girl in Bridesmaids). She made the movie. It was entertaining. Just don't expect much.

We also accomplished some things around the house. Preparing for the official merging of households! There is so much to do!

Any suggestions on how to maintain balance with running and weights?

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