Wednesday, January 30, 2013

Spring Marathon Announcement

Tuesday p.m. workout: weights

We hit the gym last night for another weight workout and boy are my arms sore today!
Thank you, ActivTrax!

If you print out your workout, this is what they look like. Most of the time I just enter my on my phone to save the paper. #reducereuserecycle

You can go back and look at it online or on your phone though too, which is how I snagged this nifty jpeg to post!

So, on my run last weekend I think I came up with my spring marathon plan.

The plan:
Don't run a marathon.

At least not a full one.
In order to not stress and enjoy this happy time in  my life I am only going to run a half marathon (or possibly 2).

I will still run some high mileage (can't leave Maureen alone on her quest to train for Boston!), but at least I wont' have the pressure of HAVING to get a few 20 milers in. If I miss a long run, no big deal!

So, that's it. The spring no marathon plan.

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