Monday, January 7, 2013

Oh, what a weekend!

Saturday's workout: 5.5 mile run outside
Sunday's workout: weight lifting at the Y 
Monday a.m. workout: Insanity Plyometrics

Wow, another weekend bites the dust!

Friday night was a great night with great friends! Sarah and her hubby had us over for some delicious apps and wine. We had such a great time and of course the food was ah-mazing! She is such a great cook/hostess!

Saturday morning I went to running club. I decided not to push myself too much on distance since I have only run a couple of times since being sick. It was great to catch up with my running friends I hadn't seen since the holidays (and getting engaged!).

Saturday afternoon we met up with friends to watch the Bengals in the playoffs. Unfortunately, they lost, but we had a great time and the game was so close! Being a Cincinnati sports fan sure can be frustrating!

After the Bengals game I met up with my sister and my Running Girls for an early birthday celebration for my sister! We had dinner and drinks at Stone Creek Dining. Delicious food and even better company!

Sunday was a typical Sunday - lots of errands and cleaning, watching sports (while cleaning, etc. of course), and working out. I was very proud of us for hitting the gym for a weight workout on Sunday afternoon. It would have been so easy to skip.

I think I need to add "take more photos" to my list of goals for 2013. Apparently I am majorly slacking in this area. I seriously took zero pics this weekend, pathetic!

Since I can't do a post without pictures...
Chocolate Aussiedor
Who doesn't love pictures of cute puppies? I am IN LOVE with this little guy.

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  1. Hellooo!!! I'm back and finally caught up with your blog. Loved the recap, love your 2013 goals! Bring on this year and let's kick its bootey!!!! ;) xo