Wednesday, January 23, 2013

Slacker B

Oh, what a slacker I am.

I seriously need to figure out running and lifting TOGETHER.

Maybe tonight I can sit down and write out a plan.

I was hoping to run at least another 3 miles last night (I did 3.1 yesterday morning), but it just didn't happen. Too many errands that needed to get done.

However, I did get dinner ready to go in the crock pot this morning. It's a little chilly here these days (single digits, negative with wind chill factor), so it felt right to make some soup. 

I'm hoping mine tastes as delicious as this looks.

Skinnytaste hasn't let me down yet! So many great healthy recipes!

I do have a gym bag packed for this evening. Hopefully after I am finished running around with Sarah tonight I'll have tome time to burn a few calories! But if not, that's OK too!


  1. How much time do you spent on weights? If you run 3 miles (~30 mins.) and then do 30 mins. of weights, that's an hour spent at the gym, which is quite doable, no?

    1. Yes, I think that is what I need to start doing. My weights have been taking 40-45 minutes I think. But you are right, if I do just 3 miles on days that I lift I can do longer miles when I don't. Now, I just need to put that into action!