Tuesday, November 27, 2012

Running Advent

Tuesday's workout: Insanity Pure Cardio

Nothing says welcome back from a long holiday weekend like a full week of work and morning workouts. It's only Tuesday and I'm pooped already!

I'm interested to see how sore I am this week since the Insanity workouts have been a little sporadic the last few weeks. But, we are back at it now - for at least the next 2 weeks! Hopefully I can handle Insanity and another little insane adventure that is coming up...

So, I have some super crazy fun friends that always come up with THE BEST and MOST FUN ideas. Anyone remember the caber tossing from last year?

Completely normal people throw large logs in their front yards in the middle of winter, right?

So, they created Running Advent. The fun above occurred at a celebration at the end of Running Advent last year. I was unable to participate in 2011...but now I'm ready.

What is Running Advent, you ask?

Running Advent begins on December 1st with a half mile run. Each day you add a half mile. This continues through December 12th. On December 13th you begin subtracting a half mile each day.

Of course there is another version...Running Advent Classic. In this version you follow the same pattern, but you add a mile each day instead of a half mile.

It doesn't seem too bad until you do the math.

144 miles over 23 days.

This week I am trying not to run much to rest my body for Running Advent Classic.

I have to at least give it a try. I can't know that something harder is out there and choose the easier option (not that 72 miles over 23 days is easy...).

I hope my body holds up. December 8-16 are going to be the hardest I think!

Any other takers out there? I'll need a lot of encouragement along the way!

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