Friday, November 30, 2012

A BIG Announcement!

Friday's workout: Nada. I wanted to run this morning, but decided to rest since this is Running Advent Eve and therefore the last day of complete rest before running 23 days in a row.

I still don't have much to say...

But it's just my luck that a dear friend of mine has something HUGE to say today!  Jen and I have been friends since high school and even though many miles (and a really big pond) now separate us, we have remained close and become even closer in the last few years thanks to blogging and running.

Take it away Jen!  

Hi everyone. 
I’m Jen. I blog over at Two Itchy Feet. You may remember me from way back when I did a wee guest post for B about a measly 5k I’d just run. 

Well, things have moved on quite a bit since then. I’ve completed not one, not two, but three whopping half marathons, shaving more and more time off my PBs (2:19; 2:08, 2:02) but not quite managing that ever elusive sub-2-hour time that I’m after. I’ve run a bunch of 10k’s and even managed a 26:12 5k PB (quite the achievement for slow-plodding me). I’ve also participated in my first relay race through the streets of Cambridge in a nod to the movie Chariots of Fire and have completed my first ever duathlon (10k run, 22k bike, 5k run), although it didn’t go as well as I’d hoped (must. respect. the distance.)

The husband and I after nearly dying during finishing the London duathlon

So, you see, I’ve been keeping busy. But it seems that there’s still one distance that’s been missing from my list of running achievements. Ya know, that big ole’ elephant in the running-room. The thing that most of my running buddies have faced, conquered and, as in the case of B, thrashed: the 26.2. 

Now, I’ve always, always, always said that I’ll never ever run a marathon. It’s just too long and hard. Having three halves under my belt, and clearly remembering how I felt after each one of them (and the consequent DOMs), I swore to myself (and made my husband swear to remind me of this!) never ever to run a full marathon.
Then I went for a short run with my younger sister Becci.

Editor's note: I remember when Becci was in elementary school...and dancing like a crazy person at what I believe was her 13th birthday. Now I feel super old!

Becci had just run her first 5k (strangely in the exact same time in which I’d run my very first 5k). Becci was telling me that she’d love to run a 10k, even a half marathon with me one day but that she just didn’t think that she could. It was too far.