Tuesday, November 13, 2012

Race Recap: Marshall University Marathon

What a weekend! Warning, this might be a long post.

Six states down, 44 more to go!

There were 18 of us at dinner the night before the race. We had a few spectators in that group, but most were half marathoners and marathoners carb loading for the next day.

There were quite a few injuries amongst the group, and those that were healthy were "undertrained" from prior injuries, illness or just life in general.

The mind set among everyone just seemed to be to get through it and mark West Virginia off the list.

We visited the memorial for the plane crash victims after picking up our packets on Saturday. The Boyfriends dad was friends with one of the victims. It was quite humbling to be there just a few days before the anniversary. 

I laid out all of my necessities Saturday night to make sure I didn't forget anything for the race. And of course my sister and I dressed alike - again! Somehow we manage to do this quite often! She did point out that I managed to coordinate with her and The Boyfriend. I am so talented.

Bottom right corner = The Boyfriend running his VERY FIRST half marathon!
Jess and I stayed together the entire 26.2 miles. It was nice to have company the whole way. I was really not feeling it at the beginning, so I'm pretty sure I started faster than I would have on my own. We also managed to run the second half only 2-3 minutes slower than the first half!

The course was a loop - 1 loop for half marathoners and 2 loops for marathoners. I actually don't mind this set up at all. It worked out quite well for us as we heard my sister's name announced as she finished and we looped around the stadium. A couple of minutes later we actually got to see The  Boyfriend as he was about to run into the stadium to finish! I was so happy to know they were both doing well since they had both been fighting injuries for a few weeks.

I really don't have a whole lot to say about the race. Somehow, I felt pretty good the whole way. I think the company while running helped distract me and we had an awesome road crew with fun signs, a giant cowbell, high fives and lots of encouraging words.
Happy finishers and some of our amazing support crew!
I can't believe it, but even with all the injured and undertrained runners in our group, everyone had really good races! My sister thought she would have to walk most of the race and she ran the entire race. The Boyfriend thought he would have to run/walk to get through it and he ran the whole way as well! Way to go!

The finish is probably my favorite of all the marathons I have completed. Entering the stadium and hearing all the names being announced is quite an energy booster! And of course running down the football field, football in hand was also pretty cool!

I think this is my fav pic of me running EVER. The Boyfriend is an amazing cell phone photographer!

I did start to cramp up about 10 minutes after finishing, but thanks to  The Boyfriend helping me stretch and a second mimosa, I felt much better quickly!

Now, where should marathon #10 be?

P.S. Thanks to Jen for the Congrats shout out!


  1. It was fun to read your recap! That is so cool that you finished in the stadium! Definitely a fun twist to the race!

  2. I'm thinking of running this as my WV race - so enjoyed reading your recap! :)