Tuesday, November 6, 2012

Happy Election Day!

Tuesday a.m. workout: Insanity Recovery

This week we are doing the Insanity recovery week since my marathon is on Sunday. Yikes!

It's still a good workout, just a bit slower of a pace. And lots of core work!

World's worst self portrait, but an awesome shirt from awesomer friends!
Please excuse my hair...I was late to the gym this morning which made me late getting ready. And I was distracted because I didn't get to go vote first thing in the morning like I LOVE to do. Yes, I am a nerd.

Don't you worry though, I am headed to vote in a little while!

So far I am doing pretty well on drinking lots of water. I need to make sure I foam roll tonight. I keep telling myself this is just a fun marathon, no pressure. Hopefully that attitude will help me stay positive through the week and the race.

Anyone have any suggestions for things to do/see/eat in Huntington, WV?

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  1. Great shirt and lovely pic! Go America, the world is watching! And go B, I'm watching you! ;) xo