Wednesday, November 7, 2012

Race Week Niggles

So, it's a race week, in case you haven't heard.

So why do all of my niggles (as The Boyfriend calls them and it sounds so much nicer than aches and pains) show up this week? I've really noticed quite a few little aches and pains...nothing serious, just nagging little pains.

Am I hyper sensitive to how my body is feeling since it is race week? 

Is it a change in the weather?

Am I just getting old? Never mind, don't answer that one.
But seriously, my neck is aching, my shoulder that I separated a few years ago is acting up, my wrist is sore, and of course the tops of my feet have been more sore than normal. (I've consulted Dr. Google about the feet and have come up empty handed, but it's only in the a.m. so I am not too worried about it.)

I'm hoping they are ghost aches and pains and they aren't really there.

Anyone else have unexplained niggles during race week?


  1. Yes! I end up with sore throats and coughs and sniffles and sneezes... I heard that it's called the taper tantrum! ;)

    1. I guess I'm lucky then since I've been "tapering" for quite some time now!