Monday, December 3, 2012

Happy December & Running Advent!

Saturday's workout: 1 mile run
Sunday's workout: 2 mile run
Monday's a.m. workout: Insanity Pure Cardio

Hello, December! 
It's so nice of you to make such a mild return. I've enjoyed running in shorts this weekend. And when I left for the gym at 5:10 this morning without a coat, because I always forget a coat that early I knew it wouldn't matter this evening when I leave work and head home.
I hope you stay so nice and welcoming, December. Maybe just some flurries for Christmas?

Running Advent Day 1 - 1 mile for B, 1/2 mile for The Boyfriend
I had thought about running my usual non-training weekend run of 10 miles on Saturday, but decided that with the mileage that is coming, I should take it easy. So, 1 mile it was!

Saturday night we were invited to a sushi making class with a group of friends.
We got to bring out own wine, beer, etc. and were given step by step instructions. It was my friend's birthday present from her husband and we had a BLAST!

Sunday was a rather lazy but slightly productive day! We had brunch with some friends, I took a nap and of course we got our miles in for Running Advent - in shorts again!

Rain, rain go away! At least it didn't rain while we were running!
 It was a fun weekend! 
I am excited and nervous for the first week of Running Advent while working and working out in the morning as well, but here goes nothing!

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  1. You'll kill those miles, I'm sure of it!!! Bring on day number 4! ;)