Thursday, December 13, 2012

Coming Down The Hill

Wednesday p.m. workout: 7 mile run 0% incline
Thursday a.m. workout: 5 mile run 0% incline

I'm not going to lie. 


I am also proud of myself for sticking to it and making it over the halfway mark!

Last night's 7 miles may be the farthest I have EVER run on a treadmill. Man, it was boring! I do feel extremely well informed from all of the news watching I have been doing on the treadmill lately.

The Boyfriend and I decided to reward ourselves with ice cream last night. He is still rocking Running Advent as well (half mile added each day version). I am super impressed with him! 
And so happy that he likes to use ice cream as a reward too!

And yes, that is an ice cream koozie on my pint. Awesome birthday gift from my sister!

People always think that running down hill is so much easier than up hill. I find the opposite to be true. Running down hill my quads get really tired and the pounding really takes a toll.

I kept thinking once I got past Wednesday Running Advent would become so much easier, but that has not come true yet. Today was the hardest day to run so far. My legs felt like lead. They are tired and a bit sore.

So, instead of focusing on that, I am focusing on why I cannot wait for this weekend!
1. Runs in the single digits! Woohoo!!!!
2. Sleeping in! Even if I go to running club I don't have to get up at 4:45. 6:30 a.m sounds amazing to me right now.
3. A super fun "race" on Sunday!
4. Holiday parties!
5. Hanging out with some friends!

6 more miles to go today. Tomorrow is my last double digit run!

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  1. Not only are you a trooper for doing this but even more so for running twice a day. You'll get there and just imagine how doubly amazing xmas is gonna feel knowing that you did it!!!