Thursday, December 6, 2012

Day 5: Stomach Pains and A Book Review

Wednesday's workout: 5 mile Run outside

Yesterday was one of those days.  It was a good thing I "slept in" which means I got up at 5:50 not 4:45, because I needed every ounce of energy and every second of sleep.

Work has been quite crazy busy lately. 

Some of it is fun. I mean, who doesn't like to Google athletes?
Some of it is not so fun. Too busy googling to run the reports that your boss really wants.

 Getting stuck at work late when all you want to do is get your run in before it's super dark and cold is not fun.

Then when you finally do get your run in, it's not fun to be doubled over in pain for 5 miles. 
I have no idea what was/is wrong with me. And let me tell you, webmd, is not so much help.

Some of the possibilities (according to webmd): PMS, physical abuse, panic attack, ten different types of cancer, gas pains, and drug overdose.
Why thank you, that is so helpful.

**I didn't really expect to find anything on webmd, it was done more for the entertainment factor**

Enough complaining!
Day 5 of Running Advent went well (minus the stomach pains). I ran the first 2.5 miles alone in The Boyfriend's neighborhood. This slightly freaked me out because it was dark, the neighborhood is not very well lit, and I just finished a book about a girl that was abducted.

The second half of the run was more painful, but at least I had The Boyfriend with  me to distract me. He was even sweet enough to tease me about slowing him down.

Sill Missing was quite a good book. Parts of it were hard to read, but I felt it was well written. There is quite a twist at the end too!

Running Advent so far: 5 days down, 18 to go.
15 miles run, 129 to go

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