Monday, December 31, 2012

The Best of 2012

Sunday's workout: 5 mile run with a friend

Wow, What a year!

This time last year, I never would have thought I would be where I am today but I couldn't be happier! Heres a quick look at 2012 as we prepare for 2013!

1. There is a plan
God has a plan. I truly believe this and saw it the most clearly I have ever seen it this year. Learning to have faith in this is the hard part, but I believe I came a long way in my faith this year. 
This cutie pie is a fabulous distraction!
2. Friends
Because of what I went through early on in 2012, I forged even deeper friendships with some amazing people. I honestly do not know what I would have done without them during this time. They kept me going. They fed me, they housed me, they distracted me, they taught me to have faith. Some were very close by and others very far away, but they all mean the world to me. I am very blessed.

3. Love
I never thought I would fall in love so quickly, but see #1 above. I knew our relationship was unique from the first time I met him - maybe even from the first time we talked on the phone. There is an ease about our relationship that I had never experienced. It is truly amazing.
The grandkids with Grandpa at my cousin's wedding in Chicago

4. Weddings
Love must have been in the air this year!
We went to several weddings together this year and sadly missed a few as well. We had a great time celebrating our friends and family and the occassions were great for us to get to know each other's friends and family as well.

5. Travel
We only had one big vacation together this year, but we had a few smaller road trips as well. We enjoyed both big cities and being nestled away in a cabin in the woods. We were lucky enough to see his favorite soccer team (Liverpool) in the US in both Boston and Baltimore. This helped me become quite the fan as well! We also planned some trips for 2013!

6. Bengals games
My first time with season tickets. Wow, what a season! The tailgating was always a blast and I enjoyed getting to know The Boyfriends friends a little better. I also got to relive with my college days with plenty of games of flip cup. Who thought we would make it to the playoffs this year?!

7. Marshall Marathon
I was so happy to be able to squeeze in a marathon in 2012. After taking 4 or so months off running, I wasn't sure if it would happen. I was even more excited that The Boyfriend wanted to run his first half marathon. I could not have been prouder of him. The best part was seeing him turn in to the stadium as I was heading off on my second loop. I was relieved and excited to know he had completed his first 13.1!

8. Other fun races with the Boyfriend
We participated in several fun races together this year. Fourth of July, Mudathlon, 10K on Turkey Day, and of course the Santa Suit fun run! I am looking forward to continuing the tradition of some of theses races each year together.
Running Advent Day 1
9. Running Advent
Although I was unable to complete Running Advent this year, I am proud of The Boyfriend for completing it and I am proud for completing 15.5 days of it. It was very difficult for me to admit I was too sick to complete the runs, but I do believe it was the smart decision. 

10. Getting Engaged
You can read the story here if you missed it. Such an amazing day. I feel like the luckiest girl in the world. I can't wait to marry my best friend in 2013.

11. Spending the holidays with family and friends
Yes, we had 6 family Christmases and two friend parties to attend, but the important thing is that we were able to spend so much time with our loved ones. 

12. Adventure
2012 held quite a bit of adventure. I can only imagine what 2013 has in store for us! 

I wish you all a happy, safe and healthy new year!

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