Wednesday, July 31, 2013

Track & Cheat

Tuesday: 4 miles track work out

Yesterday was one of those days: cheat hard and work harder.
I allow myself treats every now and then. If I am too strict I know I will go absolutely crazy.
But yesterday got a little out of hand.

First, we had Georgetown cupcakes delivered to us from a vendor.

Seriously, how could I say no to that?
They are famous, I had to try them!
It was well worth it too. So freaking delicious!

Then there is an announcement that the Mobile Cone was in the parking lot.

What?! Ice cream too?!

The Cone is rather famous in Cincinnati/West Chester.
And we all know I LOVE ice cream.
So of course I had some chocolate soft serve as well.

Ice cream is the perfect pre track work out snack, right?

Thankfully Coach had quite a work out planned for us.
12-16 400s at a little faster than 5K pace.

12-16 - yes that means 3 or 4 miles. Pick your poison.

I did 1/4 mile warm up followed by 14 400s then a 1/4 mile cool down.
I felt OK after 12, so I decided to just see how I felt after each one after that. Number 14 about did me in, so I called it quits after that.

Almost all of my 400s were within 3-4 seconds of each other. 1:30-1:34. One was 1:40 but I had a really bad stitch in my side for that one. There were 2 that were more like 1:35-1:36, but overall I was pretty happy with my consistency.

And my foot feels just fine so far today!

Here's to getting back on track (food wise, not another speed work out) today!

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  1. Wow, Speedy Gonzales. And chocolate soft serve... nom, nom, nom!!!