Wednesday, July 3, 2013

I'm A Sucker

Tuesday: TIU Workout & Body Blast Class

I headed to the gym right after work last night with intention of doing the Stars & Stripes TIU workout. I changed it up just a bit and started with 10 minutes on the elliptical instead of 7 minutes of jogging.

My calves burned at the end of the 2 minutes of jumping rope and by the end of the Burpees I was spent! I loathe burpees, but everyone says they are good for you.

After completing the entire circuit I took a quick water break then jumped on the elliptical for another 10 minutes to start the circuit over again. I switched up the order of things this time and about halfway through people started showing up for a workout class in the group fitness room that I was working out in. It's plenty big enough so I could have finished my workout then left, but the instructor started talking to me.
I felt too guilty to leave, so I stayed for Body Blast (in all honesty I had no idea what class I was staying for, I just grabbed the equipment she said and went with it!).

My legs are sore today! Between the squat challenge, the TIU workout and body blast I think I did a zillion squats and lunges.

I did say I wanted to change things up a bit though, right?

I made stuffed peppers when I got home for dinner. This is a new to me recipe and one I will definitely repeat (with a little more seasoning next time). Confession: I added some cheese on top. I tried to keep it light, but they were just screaming to me to add a little cheese.

Happy Fourth of July Eve to everyone! Any big plans for the weekend?
We only have a few things planned, but we are mostly hoping to get enough of a break from the rain to play with these:

Yep, we are boat owners!
We can't wait to take the kayaks out on their maiden voyage!

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