Thursday, July 11, 2013

Family Dinners & A Craft or 2

Wednesday: Rest

My foot has been a little achey, so I decided the middle of the week would be a good rest day.

Back when I lived with this lovely lady

we got together with our boyfriends for dinner at home and dubbed them family dinners.
We would laugh all the way through dinner. It was almost impossible for me to eat sometimes.
And now those boyfriends are our husbands! We may not live together anymore, but we are still family.

And they are a family of 3!

Just one baby, 3 people total!
We might all be married now, and their family is bigger, but dinner was just like it used to be.

Tara made us this beautiful wreath.

I can't wait to hang it. It's too pretty to put outside, but I think it will go perfectly in our entryway.
I'm so happy I have creative and talented friends. I would try to make something like this and get frustrated halfway through and quit.

I did pull of a small craft for my friend's 40th birthday today though (with Tara's help!)

I didn't want a negative present, so we put a positive spin on this pinterest find.
I think it turned out pretty cute!

Today's work out plan is Body Blast at lunch then running or intervals after work.
We can bike, blade or segway at work today. I'm thinking I'll steer clear and just get my normal work out in.
That sounds much safer.

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