Friday, July 19, 2013

Not Your Average Fitness Class

Thursday: Lunchtime Body Blast class

I was finally able to do my favorite group fitness class at lunch yesterday.
It's a Body Blast class, but the instructor is phenomenal (read: total booty kicker).

We don't do the normal warm up of stepping side to side and swinging your arms and/or legs.
(There is nothing wrong with this type of warm up except that I feel like a total dweeb).
Andrea always has something a little different in store.

Yesterday, we pulled out the spin bikes for our warm up/cardio part of the class.
My legs were burning after just a couple of minutes.
She had us doing jumps and hills right away.

I haven't done a spin class in a long time. I enjoy them, I have just been focusing on running as my cardio.
It was fun to be on the bike again. 
And now I really HAVE to get my road bike out again. I'm ashamed to admit how long that has been...

After the spin bike portion, it was time for full body weights.
Dead lift / squat combo
Lunge / overhead press combo
bicep curl / squat combo

I can't remember what else we did, but I was dripping sweat and praying for the class to end.
We finished up with several different planks, pushups and bicycles.

Whew, what a lunch!

And because I feel like I need to add a picture, but of course didn't take one of the class, here's my new favorite of Pugalicious.

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