Friday, July 26, 2013

In The Groove

Wednesday: Rest
Thursday: Body Blast class at lunch

Remember a few weeks when I said I was in a rut, then came up with a plan to hopefully get myself out of it? Well, I think it worked!
 *Mostly at least!*

I've been most successful with goal # 2
  • Do some new workouts (or something I haven't done in a while)
I've been trying to take at least one class per week at work. I prefer the Thursday afternoon Booty Kickin Body Blast class, but there are several other options too. Getting the track work out in the week really spiked my running motivation too.
 I'm planning to get back in the pool this coming week.  Someone hold me to that, please!

Lunchtime workout necessities all stuffed into a BRIGHT pink bag
I also almost completed the Squat Challenge. Unfortunately I missed 3 days total.
But that's more than I would have normally done, so I'll take that as a win!
Baby steps.

Yesterday's Body Blast lunch class went something like this:
Grab weights and yoga mat and head outside (it was beautiful out, but felt like a thousand degrees by the time we finished)
3 sets of 25 of the following: bicep squats, overhead press, push ups, sit ups, run 100 yards
Planks, plank arm raises
100 yard run holding weights
100 yard side steps (50 yards each side)
Finally go back inside and do more abs.

It was brutal, but she assured us we burnt A LOT of calories.

Wednesday was a rest day. I spent the evening with these amazing Mojo women.
We planned upcoming races, socialized, shared healthy recipes and laughed.
We laughed a lot.
It was a great night!

Happy weekend! Here's to a long run for the first time in ages this weekend!

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