Tuesday, July 30, 2013

Booty Kicker

Monday: Thailand Tush TIU workout and 3.1 mile run outside

It's amazing how much easier it is to get work outs in when you aren't planning a wedding, party or honeymoon.
Who knew?

Before meeting Ben for our run last night I did the Thailand Tush workout from TIU.
I didn't have kettle bells so I improvised a little bit.

They aren't kidding about the glute burner!

Then it was time to run!
We ran our 5K in 26 minutes.
I think it was our best run together yet. The temp was great with a nice breeze and Ben didn't swallow any bugs. #winning

I just snuck a peek at our track work out for tonight. Yikes!
This will be my third day of running in a row and I plan to run tomorrow as well. I hope my foot holds up!


  1. What did you tell me? Rest is important and look after your foot!!!

    1. Yes, but my foot is not swollen! It just aches every now and then. And I'm much better at giving advice than following it!