Thursday, March 7, 2013

Weights, Yoga and Snow, Oh My!

Tuesday p.m.: Weights
Wednesday: Yoga and Snow Shoveling
Thursday a.m.: Insanity Pure Cardio

We hit the gym for some weights right after work on Tuesday in hopes of not getting snowed on.
We made it (and only got rained on).
It was definitely hard - once again too much time had passed between weight lifting sessions.
My workout was whole body with a bicep focus.
The biceps were crying after the first exercise.

I should probably work on my selfies skills so I don't bore you with dumb pics like this
Well, the forecast said snow and snow it did!

It's so pretty, but I am totally looking forward to 50s and 60s this weekend!

So, Wednesday morning tried out my new Yoga Studio App (in the comfort of my own bedroom!)  that I won from Jen
Guess what....I totally loved it!

I only did a 15 minute flexibility session, so I will write more after I try a few more sessions.

Since my arms didn't hurt bad enough after the bicep workout Tuesday night, I shoveled snow on Wednesday.

This shovel is a monster. The pic doesn't do it justice.
HTB got to come home to a nice clear(ish) driveway. Can I get fiancee of the year award for this?

This morning Autumn and I got up even earlier to do Insanity Pure Cardio.
In the mornings we do the workout in our gym at work in the group fitness room.
A new class was added Thursday mornings that starts at 6:15, so we had to make sure we were finished by then. Which means starting right at 5:30.
Lately we've been starting at 5:45 or 5:50. 15-20 minutes makes a HUGE difference that early in the morning, but we both made it.

And we might have jumped on the bikes for 10 minutes afterwards as well.
We might be insane.
Or we both just have beach vacations coming up!

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