Thursday, March 14, 2013

Inspiration: Once A Runner

Yesterday was a crazy day. No workout and I'm not exactly happy about it.
 But I did eat ice cream.
And that makes most things OK.
And of course I walked Piper dog in the snow flurries.
 I took a lovely picture on my phone, but I can't share that with you because my phone is currently MIA.  Please see above mentioned crazy day.

 Mother Nature, if you are listening, it's March. Pleeeeaaaase stop making it snow.
Love, Ohioans.

My friend Jen and I planned our next big adventure over the weekend and she also gave me Once A Runner to borrow for some inspiration.

I am so excited to read it. I'm saving it for our upcoming trip to California, but it keeps staring at me tempting me to go ahead and start it.

I love watching running movies before races and reading inspiring books in between.
I think it is just the inspiration I need for our next big adventure!

Time to find just the right training plan... 

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