Friday, March 8, 2013


Thursday p.m.: weights bicep focus

Apparently my arms weren't sore enough, so it was time for a bicep workout!

There were some leg exercises thrown in too, thankfully!

I'm hiding in there somewhere. This is my version of a selfie!
I took Friday morning off.

I needed rest.

It felt great to sleep until 6:15!

Now I'm ready for the weekend!

I'm racing tomorrow morning - my first race since....I got engaged? Whoa!

I have done the Shamrock Shuffle for the last few years. It's a great race with a 5 and 10K option. I always try to switch tot he 5K and my friends never let me.
Who doesn't like a race with breakfast and beer afterwards?

I love St. Patty's day and it's always fun to celebrate a week early!

Happy weekend, everyone!


  1. Happy racing!!! Sounds so fun. And beer afterwards is the best motivation. Always.

  2. Hope the Shamrock Shuffle was fun! I did it a few years ago and really liked it.

  3. It was a blast! I always forget how much I like racing and really pushing myself until I do it!