Tuesday, August 28, 2012

Weekend Update

Monday's workout: 5 mile run

Last week and this weekend are a bit of a blur. The last half of the week became quite stressful at work. Working on Saturdays is not fun.

Family stress + Work stress + Little sleep + Zero workouts = Cranky Bethany

I was stressed about missing a long run this weekend, but on Monday I just decided it doesn't matter. I've already done 12 miles. One long run won't make that much difference at this point. Especially when I'm already exhausted and stressed.

Sunday night I had the brilliant idea to ask my friend Amanda (a fellow GOTR coach!) if she would like to meet for a run on Monday evening. I knew it was short notice, but I figured it didn't hurt to ask.
Ready to run!

My essentials: long sleeve in case we get drenched in the rain, pringles for pre run fuel (only thing I had, must go to grocery!), my wallet just to have some $ just in case...

We hadn't seen each other all summer so it was great to catch up and it made the 5 mile run fly by. It worked out super well as it started pouring after I got home from work. It would have been so easy to not run if I was planning to go alone. 

Waiting in my car...thankfully I was early and Amanda was just a few minutes late
By the time we met, the rain had cleared out and there was a nice blue sky overhead. Unfortunately the rain left it super steamy out, but that's much better than starting a run when it's already raining.

Post run sunset
I was slightly hoping for a run in the rain. I thought it would be soothing, but it turns out running with a friend was soothing enough!

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