Wednesday, August 8, 2012


Oh, Baltimore, you have such nice stadiums. It's too bad one of them is for the Ravens.

We were so happy to be able to spend time with my cousin Jess while we were in Baltimore. She graciously opened up her adorable condo to us and was our personal tour guide. 

Our train was a little late...never a good sign when they tell you there is engine trouble in the first 30 minutes of a 7 hour trip...but we were able to have an amazing meal in Little Italy after taking in the sights of the Inner Harbor.

Saturday was spent at the soccer game, a bar after the game, then a bar/restaurant in an old mill. Apparently I forgot to take many pics in Baltimore though. I'll blame in on the heat. It was 96 the day of the game - and the game was at 1 in the afternoon. 

I felt ridiculous, but didn't care one bit!

Jess was such an awesome hostess that she even had a spray fan for us to take to the game with us! 

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