Tuesday, August 21, 2012

Weekend Review: Rookie Mistakes

Friday's Workout: Chasing Little Miss Harper around
Saturday's Workout: 12 mile run
Sunday's Workout: Sweating at the Reds game

Another fun-filled weekend has come and gone.

I had the privilege of spending Friday evening with my favorite going-to-be-two-year-old-in-November. I seriously want to clone her.

Going for a walk, reading books, more books, and playing outside with Boomer

Saturday morning we hit the road for the first double digit run of the training season. It was a gorgeous morning. No pics of the run, but I did snap a pic of the deer I saw on my way to the run.

Mama and baby
The Boyfriend and I ran the first 4.25 miles together, then split off. I ran the next 6.75 alone, then met back up with him and completed mile 10 for him (and 12 for me) with him. I let him have the garmin when we split though, so I don't know how fast I was going, but it felt good to just do my thing.

Two rookie mistakes: No water and no body glide for me. Whoopies.

We did the first 2 mile loop in The Boyfriend's neighborhood so we did circle back by his house for a quick drink (well, for him at least, not for me). And somewhere in the 2 miles I did that he did not, I hit a water fountain.

The last mile was hard for The Boyfriend. I mostly blame the lack of water. So right after our run I promptly went to Speedway and bought every liquid I could find. Not really, just 4 32oz Gatorades, 2 chocolate milks and 2 bottles of water. I felt really bad for the lack of preparedness.

Sunday we took The Boyfriend's nephew, niece and niece's friend to the Reds game. We had awesome seats.
Since we were right on the third base line I made sure the nephew sat on one side of me and The Boyfriend on the other. They both knew it was their job to protect me from any foul balls.
This pic looks way farther away than we actually were
After taking out a loan so we could afford 3 kids at the ballpark concession stand, we decided to take them for fro yo on the way home too.

It is my life's mission to try every fro yo place I can. Thankfully we have about a bazillion different ones locally so this mission hasn't proven too difficult yet.
Nephew, Niece, Niece's friend
It was our first time at A Cherry on Top (but not the kids first time!) It's definitely in the running as my favorite fro yo. So delicious, and TONS of toppings to choose from!

Such a fun weekend, so sad to see it go!

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