Monday, August 13, 2012

Weekend Review

Saturday: Mudathlon - 3.1 mile race 40 obstacles
Sunday: 8 mile run with The Boyfriend

It's Monday already?! Where do the weekends go these days?

My running slacked off this past week after my 7.2 mile run on Monday. Last week was super busy and this week is looking to be about the same. So, this week's goal is to at least get 2 shorter runs in.

Friday night we headed to the Jungle for the Bengals first preseason game vs. the Jets. We met up with a few of The Boyfriends friends and had a blast. I can't wait to go to the regular season games!
I will post more about the Mudathlon later this week. For now, I'll just tell you it was tons of fun and very muddy!

Perfect running weather = capri tights
Sunday morning we headed out for an 8 mile run. We weren't sure what to expect with some lingering soreness from some of the obstacles. My upper body was super sore. 

Awesome photog skills on a beautiful morning
We ran on a bike trail that The Boyfriend discovered last weekend near his house. The weather was gorgeous (in the 60s to start I think!), the path was scenic (barns, horses, fields, woods), and the company wasn't so bad either!

Our friends Erin and Carter informed The Boyfriend that he gets something special every time he sets a PR, so since 8 miles is the farthest he has EVER run, we headed to skyline for dinner.

Yes, that is a 4:1 ratio on chili cheese sandwiches
It was such a great weekend. It's not so sad to see it go since I have so many fun things planned this week: happy hour, cook out, soccer games, 5Ks!


  1. It is SO unfair that guys get to eat three times as much as we do......!

  2. Whoops.....that was from Aunt Julie