Friday, August 17, 2012

Hyde 5

Thursday's workout: 3.1 mile run, 2 mile walk

Why not run a 5k on a Thursday night, right? Especially one that has a good party afterwards!

The Hyde 5 kicks of St. Mary's festival for the weekend.

It's hot. It's hilly. It's humid. But it's fun!

Especially when you get to hang out with these awesome people before, during AND after!

We actually lucked out on the weather. Although it was hotter and more humid last night than the rest of the week, we had cloud cover and an occasional breeze blowing. And the storm waited til I was almost home to start!

Even though I felt horrible for at least the first two miles of the race, it ended up being an OK race. 5ks seem to always be mentally tough for me. One of these days I am going to be in good enough shape that it won't get to me mentally.

 Place O'All Name                           Ag City                St   Time Pace
===== ===== =================== == ================== == ======= =====
2         75    BETHANY CROSBY 32 LOVELAND OH 25:02 8:05

Look at me running under my own name!

Before the race I mentioned that I had no idea what my PR for a 5K (or 10K or half marathon for that matter) is. Mary graciously informed me of Athlinks

You can create a profile and it will search for all of the race results under your name (or fake names) and you then "claim" them as yours.

So of course I was obsessed with this last night.  It appears that on September 19, 2009 I ran my fastest 5K in 23:05.  

Now I have a time to aim for...

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