Thursday, August 16, 2012

Columbus Crew v. L.A. Galaxy

Oh, Becks, you broke my heart.

Five whole years in the MLS and you have yet to make it to Columbus. This should be against the law. I hope you make it up to us soon. 

Despite Becks standing us up, we had a great night. We started the night off with dinner at Pei Wei. I introduced The Boyfriend to Pei Wei while we were in Chicago and since we don't have any in Cincinnati, we were both a little too excited to eat there in Columbus. We may have driven a little further north than we had to just to eat there.

Mmmm, lettuce wraps
After dinner we headed off to the game!

Sadly, a Columbus Crew player passed away last week. This was their first game since the death, so there was a tribute before the game. It was very touching and to see the flags and banners honoring Urso gave me goosebumps. His number - 15 - was also painted on the field in 2 places.

Right after the moment of silence for Kirk Urso
Smoke bomb after the Crew's goal

Honoring #15 Kirk Urso
It was a perfect night to be outside - the weather was absolutely gorgeous. The stadium is really nice and the crowd was a lot of fun! If we lived closer, we would definitely be going to more games!

Next up: the US Men's National team taking on Jamaica in a World Cup Qualifier in September! It's a good thing we both love soccer, eh?

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