Wednesday, August 3, 2011

Catching up

This weekend was busy, busy, busy and lots of fun!

Saturday we had our company picnic at Kings Island. I was super excited for the water park, I might have gone once as a kid when it first opened, but I can't really remember. So, we'll say it was my first time at Boomerang Bay. I LOVE water slides. I had a blast with my sis, bro-in-law, Blake, Sarah and Marc. My favorite is pictured to the right. I laughed and screamed the whole time! I just had to not think about walking around barefoot where way too many people to think about also walked around barefoot. Ewwww. I am itching to go back and get my fill of water slides again!

Saturday evening I had T & B date night to dinner and the theater! We had a fabulous dinner at the Dilly Deli - bottle of wine and dessert too of course, then off to see Hairspray. It was a high school production at MND - one of T's former students played Velma Von Tussle. I thought they did a really great job!

Sunday morning I went for a swim - just under an hour. I practiced some drills, did laps, then did some more drills. I really enjoy being one of only a few people on the swim deck in the morning. Then we were off to another company picnic! We met up with Marc's whole family at the park for his company picnic. It was fun to spend time with the whole family and play with the kids.

Then Sunday late afternoon it was off for a long bike ride. In the first 3 miles we had seen 3 deer. I think we ended up seeing 8 total. And the twin fawns  that I saw here, I think we saw again! Marc tried to call for some turkeys, but none responded.

I can't believe the MS 150 is sooo close. Marc is now beating me in fundraising efforts, we can't have that can we?

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