Tuesday, August 30, 2011

95% strong

Saturday morning started as a perfect day for a long run - nice and cool (and free from flipping SUVs)!
18.5 miles was the target. For some reason anything over 18 always seems so much longer and harder. I felt great at first, although I thought we might be going a little too fast as we did the first 8 miles with people that were only doing 8 miles. At mile 16.5 I started to struggle, but pushed through it. Then at mile 17.5 my stomach revolted. It had had enough. I managed to run another half mile, but then, I am ashamed to admit, I ended up walking in the last half mile. I tried to run after walking just a few steps, but my stomach had other ideas. I felt fine walking, but the sloshing around caused by running was too much.

Maureen met as I walked the last quarter mile in with a cup of cold water and reminded me that I did 17.5 strong miles and to not be disappointed. Easier said than done, but it was a nice remider not to let one mile get me down. After all 95% of my miles Saturday morning were strong - why not celebrate that?!

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