Sunday, August 21, 2011

Adrenaline Rush

This week I was able to get a couple of runs in despite having just cycled 154 miles last weekend.  On Tuesday my legs felt HEAVY, but I still managed to finish the run strong and in negative splits. By Wednesday my legs felt practically normal!  I can't believe the MS 150 was over almost exactly a week ago. In some ways it feels like yesterday and in other ways weeks ago.
Saturday morning I was finally able to rejoin my running group for a long run. I arrived early and was putting my Garmin on in the car in the parking lot when I heard what sounded like an explosion. I look up and see smoke and an SUV flip 3 times on Union Center. I grabbed my phone and bolted across the street. I dialed 9-1-1 as I ran and when I got across the street the passenger from the SUV was climbing through the windshield. The SUV had landed on it's top in the grass. A few other running group member had made it across the street as well. I talked to the driver of the SUV, made him sit down and helped to stop the bleeding on his head. One of the running group women was smart enough to grab a first aid kit on her way over so we had a few sets of gloves and lots of gauze. I talked to the driver's family member on the phone and was able to call them back again after the ambulance arrived and I knew what hospital he would be going to. It's still crazy to think about. I am still shocked he climbed out the window on his own. It appeared he only had cuts (2 big ones on his head and lots of smaller ones), he wasn't complaining about anything else hurting.

I didn't actually see the 2 cars collide (the other driver was fine), so once the ambulance was there, I had talked the guy's family member again and everything was under control, I headed back to Mojo for our run.

I wasn't sure how many miles to do, but ended up doing more than I had planned - just under 17 miles, but they flew by! I think it was a combination of running with a friend I hadn't seen in a long time and the adrenaline.  Surprisingly I feel great today. I really thought I would pay for it, but I guess all the cycling and all the shorter runs have paid off!

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