Sunday, April 10, 2011


Today was the most gorgeous day we have had so far this spring. Breezy and 85 degrees (maybe a little warmer). 

The first part of the day we spent at Wags park with Sid, Floyd, Blake and Sarah. Today is Floyd's 2nd birthday so it was quite the party for him! They had a great time and we got to enjoy being outside soaking in some rays. Perfect!

Then Marc and I met Kelly and Marvin for a bike ride. It was my first ride on the roads, so I really appreciated Marvin and Kelly's expertise. They were great and very helpful. 

The route had some rolling hills, but nothing too challenging. It was the wind that got us. The wind ranged from 16-22 mph. This made me very nervous on my bike, I was convinced I was going to get blown over. A nice strong headwind greeted us on Butler Warren for a few miles towards the end, I started to struggle, but kept pushing on.  We survived! I was pretty happy with our ride. It was a little shorter than I was hoping, but I think the wind made up for that. We ended up at just a little over 16 miles. Not too shabby after running for 22 miles yesterday.

I think my favorite part of the ride was seeing the donkey and peacocks. Not something I'm used to seeing my little piece of suburbia!

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