Sunday, April 24, 2011

Storms & Race week
Lightening, thunder, rain and wind kept me up most of the night before my last (short) long run. In reality it was the dog that kept me up, but it was because of the storm. She is a hunting dog that is terrified of loud noises. Not really the greatest combo. She cries the whole time it storms. It started storming sometime around 1 a.m. and the worst hit around 2. They were long, bad, very loud storms. Unfortunately it was the third middle-of-the-night storm this week. Good thing she is cute.

Needless to say I was exhausted when it came time to run. I opted for a shorter run than I planned since the miles are really irrelevant at this point. I am either trained or not. It is like studying for a test 30 seconds before you take it. I decided that being so tired I had a higher risk of injury or just having a bad run and it wasn't worth it to me just one week before race day. I went for 8 miles instead of the 10-12 I had planned on.

I felt good and strong, but exhausted at the same time. It was a strange feeling. Not tired at all from the run, but my body was definitely ready to be finished after 8 miles.

I had the realization earlier this week that I really have not had any bad training runs. The worst was the last couple of miles of my 18.  For only 2-3 miles of such a long run to be bad though is actually pretty good I think. I really hope this isn't setting me up for a bad run on race day.

Marc had gotten up very insanely early to go turkey hunting that morning. I was very surprised to have a text message from him when I got back to my car. I called him and he asked if I wanted to meet for brunch. Yesss! I love breakfast food. Especially after running. We had a nice surprise post-run post-hunting brunch date. Made my day.

I can't believe the marathon is this weekend. I kept thinking during my run that this time next week Jen and I will be in Louisville logging another 26.2.  Wow. I hope marathon #6 is a solid, injury free race with a good friend.

And next week I get to start keep on training for #7. I hope it's lucky.

p.s. Happy race week to everyone doing marathons/half marathons this weekend!

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