Thursday, April 14, 2011


Swimming did not go so smoothly last night. At least not for the first third to half of the practice.

I've been worked up all week about the weather, what to wear, what to pack, what if I get a flat tire. I think it all showed in my swimming last night. I wasn't breathing correctly - mainly not exhaling under water most of the time. That makes it pretty difficult. And very tiring. And of course it throws off your whole form. Sigh.

I kept asking myself why I thought I could do this. What made me think I could do a triathlon? I'm pretty sure that wasn't the best method to calm myself down. I was able to get my breathing under control during the drills. I did a few different ones than the rest of the team to work on this and Julie was very helpful - and more importantly patient. Towards the end of practice I was doing ok.

Then I get home and Marc is looking at me funny and he says "what's on your head?". idea. A giant knot. Not a clue how I hit my head, but it seems to be a little smaller today at least! It's so frustrating to me that I can run 22 miles - 3 hours and 30 minutes - and not have any issues and actually feel pretty freaking good, but swimming for just an hour is SO hard for me. I just have to remember that just like in running, there will be good swimming days and bad swimming days. Without the bad ones, we can't fully appreciate the good ones.

My partner in crime found out last night that she broke her tail bone which will take 6-8 weeks to heal. The good news is the doctor didn't really give her any restrictions and said the more she does the quicker it might heal. Knowing her, she wouldn't have listened if he told her to do nothing for that long anyway!

My swimming coach is racing in NOLA this weekend. Unfortunately she tore scar tissue in her hamstring Tuesday night. I can't imagine the disappointment and frustration she must feel - to train so much and so hard for 70.3 miles and then not know if you'll be able to race. The good thing is her "A" race is in July in Muncie - enough time to heal and be strong if she needs to pull out of NOLA. My thoughts and prayers will definitely be with her (and all the other Ironmen and women) racing this weekend.

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