Wednesday, April 6, 2011

First Master's Swim Take 2

Today was a rough day. Didn't sleep well last night and the day at work seemed to drag on. It was hard to concentrate.

All I wanted to do after work was take a nap.

I know, poor me, right? 

Aren't they adorable?
Sometimes the workouts you feel like doing the least are the ones you  need the most. Today was definitely one of those days.

It was gorgeous outside (still is even at 10:30 p.m). A nice long playtime at the park for Sid and her boyfriend Floyd helped me feel a little better and relax.  Then relaxing time was over.

My first Master's swim team practice finally occurred tonight. There were no mistakes about time this week! The people are amazing. So helpful, so kind and amazing swimmers (and a few beginners too!).

Our workout looked something like this:
Warm up 200 m freestyle
5 x 100 m drills (kick, side, one arm pull, count strokes, scissor) for 100 m each
7 x 100 m at different RPE - it all feels like a 10 to me.
Sight drills (200 m maybe, I didn't get this far so I'm not sure)
200 m cool down - easy, breast stroke or freestyle

I'm sure this isn't much to a seasoned swimmer, but attempting to pack this into an hour is hard! I didn't finish the entire work out, but I swam freestyle the whole time. No breast stroke for me except for the last 50 m cool down! The worse part was that I did have some foot cramps again - I must remember to increase my water intake on swim days.

The spa feels so good after hard work out. I just needed someone to bring me a cocktail while I soaked.

Time to start mentally preparing for 22 miles on Saturday. After I get through this it is taper time!

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