Tuesday, April 19, 2011

Lists from the Tri

I love lists...and I know some of you out there do too! So here are my lists from my first triathlon...

Traumatic Events on race day
1. Running over a huge worm during the bike. I felt so bad and prayed for it for the next mile or so. I still feel guilty when I think about it.
2. My car almost spinning out on my way to Kelly's before the triathlon due to water from the insane amount of rain that fell overnight.
3. Feeling the rain start as soon as I got on my bike.

Funny things I saw/heard at the race
1. Bald guy with his number written directly on his head since he didn't need a swim cap.
2. Maureen needing help putting her bike helmet on in the transition area because she didn't know the front from the back - resulted in 8 minute transition time and pictures with the guy that was nice of enough to help her.
3. MU student cheering for Kelly (who was wearing a Thanksgiving day race shirt) during the run yelling "I love mashed potatoes". That's my kind of girl!

Awkward Moments
1. Not being sure where to dismount the bike. There was a clear point to mount...not so clear where to dismount.
2. Trying to pass someone a little larger than myself during the swim but feeling like I wasn't going forward at all after every one of their pulls.
3. The announcer saying over the speaker that the last person to finish was making them stay out in the not-so-lovely weather for so long.

Awesome Moments
1. Crossing the finish line - anti-climatic, yes, still awesome though.
2. Not crashing on the bike despite the rain, wet roads and extremely hilly course.

3. Remembering to take my helmet off before starting the run.

Only 11 more days until the Derby Marathon. It doesn't feel like it is so close. I already have the itch to start training again for another race. It must be the result of the combination of tapering and a new addiction to triathlons!

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