Wednesday, January 25, 2012


I should know that if Plan A doesn't work, then B, C, D, E, F, and G won't either.

Plan A - group long run Saturday morning. I missed this due to 1/4 inch of ice (and my klutzy nature)

Plan B - Run Sunday. I had a really bad headache and they are usually made worse by exercise for me.

Plan C - Run 5 miles Monday morning and 5 miles Monday evening. I had a horrible nightmare Sunday night - Marc had to wake me up, he heard me from the living room with the TV on. I woke up with my heart racing and drenched in sweat. I was really out of it and once I settled back down I felt like I was only half asleep the rest of the night.

Plan D - Run 8-10 miles after work on Monday. At noon I found out I had a conference call at 5. Since I had arrived at work at 7 a.m., I decided to get a run in on treadmill between 4 and 5, then run back upstairs for my conference call.

Plan D actually worked!

I was hoping for 5 miles, but only had time for 4.25. I did intervals to simulate a speed workout and help the time go by. I am so glad my office has a gym - it made it possible to get some miles in at least!

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