Monday, January 23, 2012

Camo & Deer Cupcakes

This weekend was a total letdown in the work out/running arena. I'm pretty bummed about it, but I have big plans to make it up...

Saturday morning we had a bunch of ice. Being the graceful person that I am (breaking my foot in the shower, separating my shoulder while running are all signs of ultimate gracefulness), I opted to skip the Saturday morning run and run on Sunday.

Of course Sunday I was fighting a massive headache all day. Unfortunately, exercise makes my headaches a lot worse.

I did have a couple of dates with Jillian this weekend at least!

Since I didn't run Saturday, I had plenty of time to focus on Marc's birthday cupcakes. His birthday isn't until next weekend, but we had dinner with his family Sunday night so I made the cupcakes for his family.

1. Make cake, divide into thirds and spend an hour trying to get the coloring right.
 2. Pour approximately 1 tablespoon of each color into camo cupcake liners. Take a knife and swirl the colors.
3. Bake!
4. Make deer cake balls.
I didn't take many pics of this step, so I apologize for the eye-less deer

5. Ta da!