Sunday, February 27, 2011

Lessons Learned

I'm so confused...I posted a blog Friday morning (at 2:20 when I couldn't sleep), but just realized it's not here. I guess it is lost in Blogland somewhere, if you happen to see it, please send it home. It was titled Awkward and Awesome and had a lovely tribute to my friend Sarah and this fabulous blog The Daybook. I didn't feel like writing about my training so it was just some rambling about the awkwards and awesomes of the past week. Maybe I'll try again this Thursday. And I'll remember not to blog at 2 a.m. since apparently I don't know how.

Saturday morning I was awesomely greeted by Maureen as I walked in Mojo with a "Bethany, you beat me" high five. Let's be honest, she beat me in the swim, I beat her in the bike (my legs are about twice as long as hers) and there was only a slight difference - maybe .3 miles - on the run. Nontheless, it was a nice greeting at 7:40 on a Saturday morning before embarking on an 18 mile run. A run that would teach me a lot of lessons.

First, let's keep in mind this is not my first marathon and I should know better. However, I failed on 2 huge aspects of long runs. 
  1. Body Glide, Body Glide, Body Glide. I totally and completely and stupidly forgot to apply it before my run. I typically slather my feet in it and also under my bra band and straps,  This stuff works miracles - unless you forget to use it. As the miles increase, so does the chance for chafing. An unpleasant, yet avoidable aspect of distance running. My feet are blister-free, however I have a 2.5 inch reminder to wear body glide next week on the front side of the band of my sports bra. Ouch!
  2. Fuel while running. Once again, totally forgot. I was out of GU and didn't realize it until I was about to leave my house and head over to Mojo. I meant to buy some at the store before running, but was distracted by all the people, the routes, and checking out the yummy food that would be welcoming us back to the store a few hours later. 
That all being said, I had a decent run - at least for the first 15 miles. The last 3 felt like a marathon itself. I struggled. A group of 6 of us stuck together for most of the run and the last 4 or 5 miles we broke off into twos. My partner wouldn't give up on me in the last mile and refused to go ahead even though I kept telling him to. "We've stuck together for 3 hours, I'm not going to leave you the last 3 minutes." I had not rebuttal to that.
A group of 5 or 6 runners were stretching outside the store when we got back and they all warmly greeted us with high fives and a congratulatory "great run!". Once inside I grabbed some fruit and crumb cake and fell into the chair next to the massage table. I was spent.

Once home, I took a nice hot shower to feel human again and when I got out Marc had a wonderful pancake breakfast waiting for me. I scarfed it down and then took a 2 hour nap.

Looks like I'm registering for a sprint triathlon tomorrow...

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