Wednesday, February 9, 2011


I successfully completed my first indoor brick workout. I really dislike working out indoors, but I had my marvelous Kindle decked out in it's beautiful pink cover to keep my company and help pass the miles. I was only interested to see how far I could go in a set amount of time. So, of course, first came the spin bike then the oh-so-dreaded treadmill. I really don't know how people can run on these things regularly. I was very grateful for being able to run outside in any crazy weather if I choose to.

The next Tri adventure will entail swimming then biking in the same workout. This will take a serious pep talk (given by me to me). Hopefully it will happen this week, we'll have to see how my schedule looks. This has been a very busy week!

This week I started coaching GOTR again. I made the decision to step down as head coach (after how many seasons?!) after the fall, so I am only an assistant this season. It definitely feels weird. The new head coach was one of my assistants last season and she is fabulously amazing. I can only hope I was half that good! Coaching GOTR is such an incredible experience. I learn something every session and have met some absolutely fantastic people because of GOTR.

Rumor has it we are supposed to hit 40 degrees this weekend...and possibly 50 next week? Could it be true???

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