Wednesday, February 16, 2011


I used the fabulous weather yesterday as an excuse to get out for another speed workout with Sidney. We went for a run down by the river. Every half mile is marked off on the pavement so it's a great place for a speed workout. What I failed to think about is that Sid doesn't know the difference between the half miles that were to be faster and the ones that were supposed to be slower. She has one speed - FAST.  She is my BFLFF - Best Four Legged Friend Forever - though, so I'll forgive her for making me sprint the whole time with no recovery.

Sidney at Wags park this fall
I just realized Sid could be my swim coach...she actually LOVES swimming. We usually have to make her get out of the water. She probably wouldn't charge me much being my BFLFF and all!

It's supposed to be gorgeous again today so I'm hoping to get several miles done after work before I watch the girls. Hopefully there are no ambulances or threats of running away tonight.

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